Nuevo video de DESASTRE – Videoclip de AEONIAN SORROW – IRIST publican video – NEMESEA pierde a su cantante


Los madrileños DESASTRE han publicado el videoclip del tema ‘En el Sur’, extraído de su disco «No Hay Sitio Para Más».

AEONIAN SORROW han publicado el videoclip de la canción ‘The Endless Fall of Grief’, perteneciente al último EP de la banda, «A Life Without», editado el pasado 7 de febrero.

IRIST han publicado el video de la canción ‘Creation’, perteneciente al disco debut de la banda, «Order of the Mind», que verá la luz el próximo 27 de marzo a través de Nuclear Blast.

NEMESEA han anunciado que su cantante, Sanne Mieloo, abandona la banda, a través de un video publicado en las redes sociales por la propia cantante.

Let this be all.

Hello everyone,I have decided to leave Nemesea.After giving everything we had, many times, over and over, cause we really wanted it to work, we found out that working together is not an option anymore. I am forever grateful for what we have accomplished and for everything I have learned. I am still very proud of our album and will not look back in resentment, but as a beautiful period in my life. I was welcomed with open arms by the Nemesea fans and I will never forget that. Thank you. I will keep on making music and so will Nemesea. I wish them all the best. I will leave you with a part of the last song of our album. At the time I wrote it, I thought things could last forever. But now I am learning that even the most beautiful things can come to an end. Let this be all there is. Let this be all there was. Let this be all. Take care in these difficult times. Love, Sanne

Gepostet von Sanne Mieloo am Samstag, 21. März 2020


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